Bath wedding photography-Anastasia and Liam

Shooting a wedding in Bath city centre is always great fun. It provides loads of fantastic photo opportunities to create stunning wedding photographs.  Anastasia and Liam’s wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve done this year. Anastasia did her wedding preparations at their flat in Walcott Street.  After a short pre-ceremony photo session in the blossoming garden nearby, we headed off to the Guildhall. Anastasia looked simply beautiful, and I recall, that when I was taking photos of the couple outside the Guildhall, a passing girl said to her mom: “Look mom! She looks like a princess!” Can any comment on a wedding day get better than this? 🙂

A real princess and her happy husband-to-be were just a perfect looking couple who chose me to photograph their intimate wedding in the heart of Bath! What a wonderful day it was!